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Meet our Bucks

MCH Full Circle Heartbreaker

Flying J Cortez The Killer x Forest Hill's Fainter's Magnolia

MCH Flying J Triton

MCH Flying J Bravo X MCH Flying J Siren

MCH Full Circle Bamalicious

MCH Full Circle Bamit Earl X Flying J Petal

Bama has 1 leg towards his Master Championship

KE Paradys White Christmas

MCH Full Circle Heartbreaker X Flying J Petal

KE Paradys White Christmas has 2 legs towards his Master Championship at 9 months old!

KE Paradys The Count

Flying J Santana -FOR SALE

MCH Flying J Pype Dream X MCH J Dew Drop


                                                                                                     MCH Flying J Thorn

                                                                                  Bells Goats The Judge X MCH Flying J Bouquet

MCH Full Circle Sam I Am

Sol-Orr's Patrick

MCH Sol-Orr's Baxter

KE Paradys Count Me In

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   KE Paradys Sir Ector