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Meet the Does

KE Paradys Deuces Wild

Flying J Triton X KE Paradys Roll The Dice

Flying J The Grand Dutchess

MCH Flying J Dream Weaver x MCH Flying J Contessa 

KE Paradys Mai Tai

Sol-Orr's Pea Shooter x KE Paradys Willow

KE Paradys Double Dutch

Flying J Triton X Flying J The Grand Dutchess

Double Dutch has 2 legs towards her Master Champioship!

Flying J Petal

MCH Flying J Dream Maker x MCH Flying J Envy

KE Paradys Aurora Borealis

MCH Full Circle Heartbreaker X Golden Goose Farm Serindipity

MCH Flying J Floral

Rusted Gates Prince Charming X MCH Flying J Bouquet 

KE Paradys Tis The Season

MCH Full Circle Heartbreaker X Flying J Petal

KE Paradys The Countess

MCH Flying J Triton X Flying J The Grand Duchess

Sol-Orr's Pea Blossom

MCH Sol-Orr's Whippoorwill x Sol-Orr's Peapod

Randolph's Lilliana

MCH Randolph's Sinbad x MCH Randolph's Esther

MCH Wakefield's Twinkle Toes

MCH Sol-Orr's Baxter X MCH Sol-Orr's Lady Liberty

Blessed Assurance Felina

MCH Westwind Acres Merlot x Springs Run Mimzy

KE Paradys Twenty Four Seven

MCH Full Circle Heartbreaker X Randolph's Lilliana 

Roundabout's Marlamade

MCH Sol-Orr's Lady Liberty

Sol-Orr's Panache X Sol-Orr's Dappled Daisy

KE Paradys Half N Half

Sol-Orr's Pea Shooter X Barbie's Lil Fainters Fancy

KE Paradys Barista

MCH Sol-Orr's May Deena

MCH Sol-Orr's Durango X Sol-Orr's Maybelle

KE Paradys Diamonds are Forever

Flying J Triton X MCH Wakefield's Twinkle Toes

KE Paradys Anouk

MCH Flying J Thorn X KE Paradys My Oh My

Signature's Classy

MCH Flying J Roulette x Signature's Poison Ivy

Flying J Adora

Flying J Simply Irresistible X MCH Flying J All Jazzed Up

Flying J Mic Drop And Rum

MCH Flying J Rumrunner X MCH Flying J Dew Drop

Full Circle Alabaster Moon​

MCH Flying J Cortez The Killer X MCH Sol-Orr's May Lee